Fractory Awarded for Best Use of Tech

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Fractory was declared the winner for “Best Use of Technology” in the North West by the British Chamber of Commerce back in September, and this week they've collected the award.

The Chamber Business Awards were handed out for the 16th year and originated as a way to recognise businesses for the role they play in driving the economy. Speaking about the value of the award, Factory said, “Winning this award further signifies the importance of manufacturing for the British people. Being named as the company with the “Best Use of Technology” amongst companies from very different fields is just another testament to that.”

The CEO of Fractory, Martin Vares spoke about winning the award, saying that; "There were many great companies from different sectors competing for this recognition. To give the Best Use of Tech award to a metal fabrication company is, for us, a great testament to the importance of the manufacturing industry in the UK. We are delighted to see that people outside the sector also value the contributions we all are making to the larger ecosystem. Regarding Fractory, it just gives us more confidence to continue on the same path - improving efficiency in the manufacturing industry."

The competition will continue nationally, with all the regional winners, including Factory, taking part in the last stage.

You can read more about Fractory, and the services over on their website, just follow this link.