Fractory Wins Award for "Best Use of Tech"

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Fractory started providing sheet metal fabrication in the UK only half a year ago.  So far, it has been very eventful and our online manufacturing solution has garnered a lot of attention. Now, to top this off, we have been awarded with the "Best Use of Tech" prize by the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce.

The annual competition gains a lot of interest and we were already delighted to get the nomination, let alone the award. It is very nice to see that the UK community really values its manufacturing industry because this is what helps companies like us stand out amongst competition from other areas.

The interest in innovation has been evident in the growing numbers of customers but we are delighted that others have taken notice as well.

If you are now asking - what is the tech that led to this story? - then see for yourself. Here is a video that shows you how to get a manufacturing quote in less than a minute. Our goal is to make the manufacturing industry more efficient by eliminating the need for emailing (for quotes) or making drawings (you can quote .STP files).

While it is time to celebrate today, tomorrow the work will continue. The competition is now continuing nationally and we are hungry for more success!